Wednesday, January 28, 2009

HOMEWORK: Wednesday, January 28

Language Arts: read 20 minutes
The Outsiders chapters 3/4 activities (Friday)
Book Talk #5 (March 9)

Math: Numberworks 33/34
Worksheets up to and including p. 312
Multiplication Facts 1-13

Spelling: List 16 Exercises and Quiz (Wednesday)

Science: A Cell as a Factory Activity (in class - ongoing)

Social Studies: study notes

Things to Remember....
Students need to have 3 duotangs, pencils, pens, loose-leaf, protractor, compass, ruler, and calculator for class.
Ottawa Trip deposit of $250 is due January 3oth.
Please be sure to save your bottles and recyclables (get your family and friends to as well) for our Ottawa trip. There is a jar at the Redemption Center specifically for us (Grade 8).
Ball Hockey this Wednesday at 6pm.