Monday, October 26, 2009

HOMEWORK: Monday, October 26

Language Arts: read (Book Talk #2 due November 3rd)

Math: Numberworks 11/12 (due Friday)
Multiplication Facts (1-13)
Sign test (corrections)

Spelling: List 7 (quiz and exercises) due Wednesday

Science: study
Chapter review was handed out Tuesday as a study guide.
Science test (Tuesday - October 27)

Social Studies: menu (due Wednesday)

Phys. Ed: gym clothes (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)

Things to Remember...
Christmas Card/Calendar Campaign runs until October 28th. Remember we want each grade 8 student to sell at least $100. Sell, Sell, Sell!!
Please be sure to save your bottles and recyclables (get your family and friends to as well) for our Ottawa trip. There is a jar at the Redemption Center specifically for us (Grade 8).
The Middle School team is looking for the metal ends off of frozen juice cans. Please save your metal ends and send them in!!