Thursday, October 13, 2011

HOMEWORK: Thursday, October 13

Language Arts: read
Book Talk #2 (Nov. 1)
Hero Trading Card (due Friday)

Math: Numberworks 9/10
Math test Friday (Integers)

Spelling: List 5 (quiz and exercises) due Wednesday

Social Studies: quiz (ch. 1/2) Tuesday, October 18

Art: Bristol Board for portfolio

Leadership 120: Initiative Proposal/Plan (Wednesday, October 26)
Time Travel Brochure/Presentation (Friday)

Things to Remember.....
Magazine Campaign 2011 (October 3 - 17) Sell, Sell, Sell those subscriptions!!
Picture orders due October 14
Pink Week ($3) due ASAP
Reading Buddies with WHES this week!
Borden Ball for Grades 8-12 Wednesdays at 6pm